Brass Decoration Bronze Vase Material Copper Alloy 10cm Ref.BD015 Cemetery Decorations
500-1000 pcs
Brass Decoration Bronze Vase Material Copper Alloy 10cm Ref.BD015 Cemetery Decorations
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: B&R
Certification: CCPIT
Model Number: BD015
High Light:

Casket Cross


Ornamental Coffins Screws

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: carton
Supply Ability: 500,000 pcs/month
Color: Bronze
Material: Brass
Origin: China
MOQ: 500-1000pcs
Shape: Vase
Usage: Tombstone Cemetery And Other
Height: 10cm
Product Description

Main information:

Product name:Brass decoration (Cross)

Model: BD015

Brand: B&R

Application:Coffin, Tombstone ,cemetery or others.

Origin: China

Manufacturer: Sumer International (Beijing) Trading Co.,Ltd


Product detail:

Size: 10cm (height)

Material: Brass (Copper alloy)

Color /finishing: Antique bronze

MOQ:500-1000 pcs

Packing: Carton


Main feature:


Professionally engaged in funeral field over 10 years;

Customized products acceptable;

Good quality and competitive price;



More information:



Although forms of brass have been in use since prehistory, its true nature as a copper-zinc alloy was not understood until the post medieval period because the zinc vapor which reacted with copper to make brass was not recognised as a metal.The King James Bible makes many references to "brass".The Shakespearean English form of the word 'brass' can mean any bronze alloy, or copper, rather than the strict modern definition of brass.[citation needed] The earliest brasses may have been natural alloys made by smelting zinc-rich copper ores.By the Roman period brass was being deliberately produced from metallic copper and zinc minerals using the cementation process, and variations on this method continued until the mid-19th century.It was eventually replaced by speltering, the direct alloying of copper and zinc metal which was introduced to Europe in the 16th century.

Early copper zinc alloys

In West Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean early copper zinc alloys are now known in small numbers from a number of third millennium BC sites in theAegean, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Kalmykia, Turkmenistan and Georgia and from 2nd Millennium BC sites in West India, Uzbekistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Palestine.[42] However, isolated examples of copper-zinc alloys are known in China from as early as the 5th Millennium BC.
The compositions of these early "brass" objects are highly variable and most have zinc contents of between 5% and 15% wt which is lower than in brass produced by cementation. These may be "natural alloys" manufactured by smelting zinc rich copper ores in redox conditions. Many have similar tin contents to contemporary bronze artefacts and it is possible that some copper-zinc alloys were accidental and perhaps not even distinguished from copper.However the large number of copper-zinc alloys now known suggests that at least some were deliberately manufactured and many have zinc contents of more than 12% wt which would have resulted in a distinctive golden color.





Arsenical brass         arsenic, frequently aluminum Used for boiler fireboxes.
Cartridge brass (C260) 70 30 ≤ 0.07   Good cold working properties. Used for ammunition cases, plumbing, and hardware.
Common brass 63 37       Also called rivet brass. Cheap and standard for cold working.
DZR brass         arsenic Dezincification resistant brass with a small percentage of arsenic.
Delta metal 55 41-43     1-3% iron with the balance consisting of various other metals. The proportions used make the material harder and suitable for valves and bearings.
Free machining brass (C360) 61.5 35.5   3 0.35% iron Also called 360 or C360 brass. High machinability. Lead content 2.5%–3.7%
Gilding metal 95 5       Softest type of brass commonly available. Gilding metal is typically used for ammunition bullet "jackets", e.g., full metal jacket bullets. Almost red in color.
High brass 65 35       Has a high tensile strength and is used for springs, screws, andrivets.
Leaded brass       >0   An alpha-beta brass with an addition of lead for improved machinability.




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Brass Decoration Bronze Vase Material Copper Alloy 10cm Ref.BD015 Cemetery Decorations 0

Brass decoration vase,lantern ,scroll and leaves

Brass Decoration Bronze Vase Material Copper Alloy 10cm Ref.BD015 Cemetery Decorations 1

Raw material  of brass  decoration

Brass Decoration Bronze Vase Material Copper Alloy 10cm Ref.BD015 Cemetery Decorations 2

Copper mine

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