Ref No H005S Dimension 19×7cm Zamak Metal Coffin Handles Color Red Bronze Moon Shape
1,000 pcs
US$ 1.85-2.05/pcs
Ref No H005S Dimension 19×7cm Zamak Metal Coffin Handles Color Red Bronze Moon Shape
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: B&R
Certification: CCPIT
Model Number: H005S
High Light:

coffin fitting


casket accessories

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50,000 pcs per month
Color: RED Bronze
Design: Italy Quality
Shape: New Half Moon
Size: 19*7cm
Central Distance: 16.5cm
Material: Zamak
Product Description

Ref No H005S dimension 19*7cm Zamak Metal Coffin Handles color antique bronze moon shape


Main information:


Model: H005S

Brand: B&R

Application: European style coffin

Origin: China

Manufacturer: Sumer International (Beijing) Trading Co.,Ltd


Product detail:

Size: 19*7 cm

Material: Zamak (Zinc alloy)

Color: Gold, Silver or Bronze (Optional)

Attached on coffin by screw

Central distance:16.5cm

MOQ:1000 pcs

Packing: Carton


Main feature:


Professionally engaged in funeral field over 10 years;

Customized products acceptable;

Good quality and competitive price;



More Information:


Major Alloy Characteristics

ZAMAK 2: This is the strongest and hardest ZAMAK alloy. Generally die cast, it is occasionally employed for gravity casting. ZAMAK 2 is not the widely used.

ZAMAK 3: This is the most used general purpose zinc die casting alloy, providing an excellent combination of strength, ductility and impact strength. It also provides excellent plating and finishing characteristics. This alloy is the designer's first choice for die casting applications.

ZAMAK 5: ZAMAK 5 should be considered when moderately greater hardness, strength and creep resistance over ZAMAK 3 is required.

ZAMAK 7: this is a high purity for of ZAMAK 3 with similar mechanical properties. However, ZAMAK 7 has higher ductility (for forming bending operations) and the highest casting fluidity of the ZAMAK family.

ZA-8: This should be the first choice when considering die casting the ZA family, due to its cost effective hot chamber castability. ZA-8 provides improved performance characteristics over the ZAMAK alloys. Plating and finishing characteristics are similar. ZA-8 can also be sand or permanent mold cast.

ZA-12: This is the preferred alloy for permanent mold applications, although it can also be cal-chamber die cast with excellent results. It combines low temperature melting efficiency and thin wall capabilities with premium mechanical properties. ZA-12 should be used when switching from cast iron or permanent molded aluminum. ZA-21 can usually be poured directly into molds designed for aluminum and brass.

ZA-27: Components requiring optimum strength, hardness and light weight should be specified using ZA-27. With over double the yield strength of die cast A380 aluminum and 25% lighter than ZAMAK 3, this is definitely the high performance member of the group. ZA-27 also offers excellent bearing properties, comparable to those of aluminum-bronze.
EZAC: Eastern Alloy's newest commercially available alloy. EZAC is the strongest, hardest and most creep resistant die casting alloy available, and can be cast in the "hot-chamber" die casting process.

Zamak 2 properties
Property Metric value Imperial value
Mechanical properties
Ultimate tensile strength 397 MPa (331 MPa aged) 58,000 psi
Yield strength (0.2% offset) 361 MPa 52,000 psi
Impact strength 38 J (7 J aged) 28 ft-lbf (5 ft-lbf aged)
Elongation at Fmax 3% (2% aged)
Elongation at fracture 6%
Shear strength 317 MPa 46,000 psi
Compressive yield strength 641 MPa 93,000 psi
Fatigue strength (reverse bending 5x108 cycles) 59 MPa 8,600 psi
Hardness 130 Brinell (98 Brinell aged)
Modulus of elasticity 96 GPa 14,000,000 psi
Physical properties
Solidification range (melting range) 379—390 °C 714—734 °F
Density 6.8 kg/dm3 0.25 lb/in3
Coefficient of thermal expansion 27.8 μm/m-°C 15.4 μin/in-°F
Thermal conductivity 105 W/m-K 729 BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F
Electrical resistivity 6.85 μΩ-cm at 20 °C 2.70 μΩ-in at 68 °F
Latent heat (heat of fusion) 110 J/g 4.7x10−5 BTU/lb
Specific heat capacity 419 J/kg-°C 0.100 BTU/lb-°F
Coefficient of friction 0.08



More Picture:


H005S zamak coffin handle color of antique bronze


Ref No H005S Dimension 19×7cm Zamak Metal Coffin Handles Color Red Bronze Moon Shape 0

H005S   Italy zamak coffin handle

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Ref No H005S Dimension 19×7cm Zamak Metal Coffin Handles Color Red Bronze Moon Shape 1


Zamak coffin handle and accessories


Ref No H005S Dimension 19×7cm Zamak Metal Coffin Handles Color Red Bronze Moon Shape 2

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